Into the Northwyld


First, introductions:

These are to the best of my knowledge, we haven’t played enough for me to remember names offhand yet.
  • Player: Character-Name
  • Dustin: Human Wizard 1 -Acroama (formerly Drummden, Dwarf Ranger 1)
  • Leah: Elf Cleric 1 -Illyra
  • Matt: Gnome Barbarian 1 -Tark
  • Tucker: Drow Monk 1 -Zar
  • Tentatively:
  • David: Unknown
  • Chris: Half Elf Paladin 1
  • Aly: Elf Druid 1
  • Myself: Human Rogue 1 -Edgar

While all of these players except for Aly have played 3.5 DnD before, Dustin is the only one with any experience in previous editions, and even then it is very little.

My goal with this game is to find out how well I can create an old school, sandboxy feel with the fancy new Pathfinder RPG system. Having no experience with any old school or sandbox play myself, this should be quite interesting.

The gameworld is undefined as of right now. I have a few locations ready to go, but nothing is very cohesive yet. Storywise, I tried using a similar setup as West Marshes, giving the players a budding frontier town to base their operations from, and telling them that the lands to the south contain nothing but boring old civilization. More specifically, the kingdom they are citizens of is in a state of relative peace, allowing them to expand their borders into the northern wilderness (or Northwyld). To expedite this, the rulers have begun encouraging adventurers to explore, map, and possibly pacify any region they may find. Their reward is, of course, that they are entitled to anything they find out in this wilderness.

With the frontier town hopefully being their permanent base, I will try to show the effect of the PCs party and other parties bringing in all this new wealth by expanding the town as the game goes on.

As much as I want to encourage the thought that the town in a safe haven, I want to reciprocate this feeling about the Northwyld. I am trying to diverge from the “more dangerous the further you get out” aspect, making areas appropriate to their inhabitants and surroundings, not the level of the PCs. The players must determine…

Rules-wise, I am using the recently released Pathfinder RPG, with a few tentative changes. A few skills are being removed, including Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Fly, and possibly Perception. These are all done to promote the concept of player skill over character skill, as I hope to encourage my players to actually roleplay their interactions, instead of simply rolling for a skill. Other than that, I’m quite satisfied with the Pathfinder RPG and the improvements it has made on 3.5 DnD.

As far as books being used, I am using the core rulebook, but don’t have access to the Pathfinder Bestiary as of yet. Seeing as how Pathfinder is mostly just a streamlined version of 3.5, I don’t think using the Monster Manual will be any problem. I may also be using some monsters and rules that I find online. If so, I’ll most likely provide a link or source. Various modules will also most likely be used as well.


I am the proud owner of the Pathfinder Bestiary, which, in case you were wondering, is amazing.



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