The Northwyld

The Northwyld is a stretch of land on the northern border of the kingdom of Ludvick. As of yet, it is uncharted by any civilized persons. When the campaign began, King Oliver III sent out a decree to all the kingdom, imploring his more adventurous citizens to explore and pacify the Northwyld and other regions in his name. The closest form of civilization to the Northwyld is a military outpost at its southern border called King’s Reach.

According to many historians, this region contained many notable ancient civilizations, which have since fallen to ruin.

It is bordered on the east by a stretch of mountains known as the Hildebrand Range, and on the west by the Graven Sea. No one is quite sure how far it stretches to the north.

Locations the PCs have found:

The Alchemist’s Manse -An estate formerly inhabited by a fairly famous alchemist. The party is unsure as to how he survived in the Northwyld.

A fallen temple to Gozreh -A desecrated temple that seemingly was inhabited by some type of Dwarves.

A moathouse -The dwelling place of a detachment of hobgoblins and a single ogre. It is also the gateway to a dungeon below, according to one of the hobgoblins.

The Northwyld

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